Andiroba Desenhada

- Carapa guianensis | Product Description and Details
andiroba desenhada


Central and Latin America


The sapwood of andiroba is pink when freshly cut but quickly turns to a pale grayish-brown after exposure. The heartwood is reddish brown when freshly cut and dulls slightly in shade with age. The species has a straight and sometimes interlocked grain and is medium to somewhat coarse in texture.


Andiroba is reported to have no odor, dries easily, and is has excellent dimensional stability characteristics.

Janka Hardness: 1220

As a flooring option andiroba is a hard and durable wood. This species is almost thirty-six percent harder than cedar, is just under one percent softer than either movingui or heart pine, it is roughly ninety-four percent as hard as red oak, roughly eighty-four percent as hard as hard maple, and is about two thirds as hard as either hickory or pecan.


Andiroba is relatively easy to cut and shows only slight dulling effects on tools. The wood has tendency to split under nailing making pre-boring a necessity, however. Screws hold well with andiroba flooring. This species is reported to take stain and polish well.

Principal Uses:

Some of andiroba's uses include flooring, interior construction, cabinetry, veneer, furniture, and stairworks.

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