- Hymenaea courbaril | Product Description and Details

Scientific Name:

Hymenaea courbaril

Other Names and Species:

Brazilian Cherry, Algarrobo, Cuapinol, Courbaril, Guapinol, Jatahy, Kawanari, Locust, Paquio, Rode Locus, West Indian Locust


From southern Mexico, throughout Central America and the West Indies, to northern Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru.


Gray white or pinkish sapwood, heartwood can show large color variations: orange brown to salmon red, deep red when freshly cut turning to rich reddish brown when seasoned, wood sometimes developes black streaks.


In addition to its warm reddish tint, this moderately lustrous wood is notable for its hardness and durability — jatoba is extremely dense wood and very strong.

Principal Uses:

Brazilian cherry (jatoba) is frequently used where good shock resistance is needed, such as in wood flooring and tool handles. Other applications include railroad crossties, wheel rims, gear cogs, and other specialty items, as well as furniture and cabinet work.

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