Marfim Tropical

- Balfourodendron riedelianum. | Product Description and Details

Scientific Name:

Ocotea rubra

Other Names and Species:

Guatambu, Guatambu blanco, Ivorywood, Marfim, Pau liso, Pau marfim


Southern Brazil, Paraguay.


Cream to lemon yellow.


The wood is usually compared with Hard Maple for workability; however Guatambu is more yellow. Generally straight grain, dense with fine, uniform texture that works beautifully and even carves like a charm. Can be worked without much difficulty. Excellent turning wood. Very strong with excellent wear properties.

Principal Uses:

Bent Parts, Boat building, Bobbins, Cabinetmaking, Canoes, Carvings, Chairs, Chests, Concealed parts (Furniture), Decorative plywood, Decorative veneer, Desks, Dining-room furniture, Domestic flooring, Dowell pins, Dowells, Drawer sides, Excelsior, Figured veneer, Fine furniture, Floor lamps, Flooring, Furniture , Furniture components, Furniture squares or stock, Handles, Hatracks, Interior construction, Interior trim, Joinery, Kitchen cabinets, Lifeboats, Living-room suites, Marquetry, Moldings, Office furniture, Paneling , Parquet flooring, Plywood, Radio, stereo, TV cabinets, Rustic furniture, Shafts/Handles, Shipbuilding, Shuttles, Spindles, Spools, Stair rails, Stairworks, Stools, Stringers, Sub-flooring, Tables , Textile equipment, Tool handles, Turnery, Utility furniture, Veneer, Wainscotting, Wardrobes, Woodwork.

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