Muirapiranga Desenhada

- Brosimum paraense | Product Description and Details

Scientific Name:

Brosimum paraense

Other Names and Species:

Satiné, Bloodwood, Cacique, Conduru, Doekaliballi, Falso pao, Falso pau, Ferolia, Palo de oro, Pau rainha, Satiné rouge, Satiné rubane, Siton Paya


South America: Amazonas basin.


white to yellowish sapwood, heartwood pale yellowish brown to deep red brown, sometimes with golden ribbon figure.


decorative, very hard, but elastic wood, straight or slightly interlocked grain with fine texture, good workable with all tools, weatherproof with good resistance against insects and decay.

Principal Uses:

interior and exterior design, parquets, turnery, musical instruments.

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