Pau Amarelo

- Euxylophora paraensis | Product Description and Details

Scientific Name:

Euxylophora paraensis

Other Names and Species:



Bolivia and Brazil in South America, and also Central America.


Heartwood color ranges from pale to golden yellow, darkening slightly with age. Sapwood is a pale yellow/white.


Yellowheart has a fine texture and a naturally high luster. Its pores are very small: usually no grain filler is necessary to achieve a smooth and flat finish. The grain is usually straight, though some figured pieces may have wavy or interlocked grain.

Principal Uses:

Yellowheart (i.e. Pau Amarello) is a commercially important timber in Brazil, where it is widely harvested and used for a variety of purposes. Some common uses for Yellowheart include: flooring, furniture, boat-building, and turned objects.

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