Tatajuba Quartier

- Bagassa guianensis | Product Description and Details

Scientific Name:

Bagassa guianensis

Other Names and Species:

Garrote, Amarelao, Bagasse, Jawahedan


North-middle part of the Brazilian Amazon region of South America, as well as in tropical regions of Central America.


Color: yellow becoming dark maroon on sun exposure, Grain: frequently but slightly interlocked, Texture: medium to coarse


Tatajuba is a heavy, dense and hard wood, with high crushing strengths. Pre-boring is recommended and screwing preferred during installation. Interlocking grain may cause tear-out when planning, but generally a clean finish can be obtained. It takes glue, stains, paints and varnishes well, and is capable of being brought to a highly lustrous finish.

Principal Uses:

Flooring, cabinet work, exterior and interior joinery, stairs, carpentry, moulding, wooden house.

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